Using An APU As Opposed To Idling Semi-Trucks When Parked

In the recent past, idling the semi-truck’s engine was the only available way for drivers to control the cab’s/sleeper’s temperature when the truck was in parking. They also used this to ensure that power was available for running the truck’s air conditioning or heating and other auxiliary devices. Although it was a noisy, dirty and an extremely expensive process where thousands of gallons of diesel were used, it was the only available option. Surprisingly, even after a dozen alternatives are available now, such as auxiliary power units, some semi-truck drivers still opt to idle their truck’s engine when parked. With over a dozen different brands of APU units for sale, semi-truck drivers cannot run out of choice. If you are a semi-truck driver and you are not yet decided on whether to start using APUs, you should read on this article. It explains the benefits of APUs as opposed to idling the truck’s engine when the truck is packed.

APUs cause less air pollution.semi-truck-1801523_640

When a semi-truck is idled, its engine produces significant amounts of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases pose a major environmental threat as they contribute to global warming and ozone smog. Also, when a driver is sitting in an idling vehicle, their exposure to these environmental hazards is way higher than those of a driver who is in a moving vehicle. This is because when a truck is idled, there is no enough room and movement for air flow to vent off the emissions. Compared to the typical diesel engine of a truck, an APU produces 80% to 90% less air pollution when it is running.

APUs are economical.

Auxiliary power units are made in such a way that they come with their own inbuilt cooling and heating system. Additionally, most APUs which are built for commercial purposes have an air conditioning compressor. As such, when using them, a semi-truck driver does not have to install independent cooling and heating system. This benefit is not enjoyed when idling the semi-truck is the preferred option.

Auxiliary power units are economical and cost saving.

Every semi-truck driver wants to minimize the cost incurred in fuel consumption as much as they can. Idling is far from being economical. This is because for every hour that the truck is idle, a gallon of fuel is used. If the truck idles for may be ten hours a day, it will have used up approximately three thousand gallons of fuel in a period of one year. When an APU is used, the truck burns only 0.10 gallons of diesel per hour. Using the same figures given in the above example, only 2,384 gallons are used up in a year. This shows how efficient and effective auxiliary power units are as opposed to idling the truck when it comes to economizing fuel consumption. APUs also eliminate the overall tear and wear of the engine. To calculate your savings visit HP2000.

APUs are portable.

Auxiliary power units are truck-mounted and as such, they can virtually be used anywhere. Also, users get to enjoy original HVAC systems and controls which are factory-installed. They do not have to add extra cooling and heating equipment.

In summary, idling creates pollution, reduces the economic life of the engine and wastes money. As such, idling your semi-truck when parked as opposed to using APUs is a way of wasting your hard-earned money.


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Vegan Culinary Lifestyle

The growth of healthy vegan food period is important for us. It is a way to support the community and to help the economy itself. It is easy to get the healthiest vegan food you would like to consume because you also would know where it’s coming from, unlike something from the dollar menu at McDonald’s. The growth of the vegan lifestyle is popular because it gives you more of an opportunity to live the healthy life style you deserve. Trust me on when I say the growth of the healthy vegan lifestyle would change you as a better more “greener” person. Even with the simple knowledge of attending a healthy culinary school would change so much not only for your health, but for your future.

The fresh produce coming from a whole food market means more higher nutrient levels. So much good vitamins come along to ID-100142896such as vitamins C, E, A, and B. The fresh produce you can pick out at the market is known for it being very ripe. When having healthy vegan food you will understand that there are different types of varieties. You would understand the ways of going with a “seasonal flow”, which is excellent because this means anytime of produce grown during their season means more nutrients! Basically, healthy vegan food is a great impact on your health because let’s face it; the old modern food we consume mostly has sugars, salts, and just unhealthy facts. It is totally not as fresh as what we thought.. Healthy vegan food is good for our own health and mainly soul. Consuming it more often would help your body fight against the diseases that is out there today. Educating yourself with others is important, especially if you want to consume your career in the vegan culinary world. If you want to get yourself going in the vegan culinary world, remember it is simple and open to anyone who is willing to participate and has somewhat experience .

When it comes to vegan culinary school learning simple basics is key. You would learn so many new exciting things to become the best vegan cook out there such as understanding if your food you are going to use to cook is appealing to the naked eye, color, learning how to advanced in preparing more richer vegan foods, and just learning on dealing with the use of different seasonings/spices. Just know that being a vegan chef in the culinary world would show a lot of recognition in you. You can have the opportunity to work in high class places. Just by taking pride in the work you’ve made and learning how to show it off is a big step up to the vegan culinary world.. how great is that?!!

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Health benefits and chiropractors

ID-100120696Back pains can be quite debilitating in nature. Due to this, it is important to make sure that one gets timely intervention. A visit to the chiropractor is one of the most effective ways of handling the condition. Even though this is the case, many people do not see the health benefits of visiting a chiropractor. For this reason, let us have a look at the health benefits of seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis.

First, regular visits to a chiropractor help in bringing about natural recovery. Since chiropractic interventions rarely use medications, injections or any form of surgery, they play a major role in allowing the body to heal naturally. As such, it does not come with any side effects.

Secondly, chiropractic visits help in reducing digestive problems. Frequent visits to a chiropractor enhance digestion process, as well as reducing symptoms associated with digestion.

Thirdly, back pain often leads to lack of sleep making it difficult for a person to cope with the day-to-day activities. In this case, chiropractors help in easing the pain through massaging the back. This enables the body to handle pain and improve the sleeping cycle. In the end, one becomes more focused and energized for the day.

Fourthly, regular visits to a chiropractor play a major role in enhancing body balance. Chiropractors promote a healthy spine leading to stability. Essentially, this is an important element when it comes to accidents occasioned by instability.

Fifthly, some of the health and body conditions we face in life occur because of spine misalignments. For instance, misaligned spines lead to conditions such as blood pressure, which elevates the health risks facing the body. It is for this reason that one needs frequent visits to the chiropractor to help in aligning the spine to enhance normal functioning of the body system.

The sixth benefit associated with paying the chiropractors regular visits include boosting of the body’s immunity. Studies reveal that regular chiropractic visits has a major influence on boosting the production of leukocytes, which are the cells that assist the body in fending off diseases.

Lastly, regular visits to the chiropractor help in identifying any problem that your body may be facing in good time. While other people may not be aware of the body changes that require intervention, the chiropractor will help regular visitors to identify them fast enough and advice the client accordingly. In the end, it helps in ensuring that a person leads a productive life.

To visit the top chiropractor in spring hill, see Be Well Chiropractic.

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Class D amplifier review


Sound technicians are raving about this new product. The class D amplifier offers more power with less weight. That basically means that it is a light gadget sound technicians are using to amplify sound. Hence the name amplifier. Some people still prefer the class A and class B. But this new product is much more efficient and user friendly. Nobody really bothers with these gadgets except for the technicians at events where woofer speakers and microphones are necessary. Also musical event where there are live performances and dancing contests. In these instances general people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Well let’s take a peak behind the curtain and review the benefits of the class D amplifier.

file000827908400The reason why your car radio and CD players at home sound so smooth and clear is because of the amplifier. The frequency that it runs on combined with the power put gives you a clear and coherent sound when words are spoken or sang. If your amplifier is not working properly or perhaps some wires are crossing then you will be able to hear continues interruptions in the sound. People that are interested in having the loudest and coolest sound system in there cars will be glad to know that the class D amplifier is much smaller and does all the work for you. It use to be that so many wires had to be connected and intertwined that if any mistakes were made and incorrect wires connected then you will most definitely blow a speaker or 2. Well now all that hassles are in the past.

The simpler the gadgets are manufactured, the better they work.
It is a common problem with the older models that because of the amount of voltage power needed to power the amplifier, it will continue to burn out and parts will need replacing. With the new class D amplifier the cooling system is efficient and protects your circuitry from being over loaded by to much voltage power. With this amplifier there is no power wastage so there is no over heating issues to worry about.

Especially if you want to run sub woofers and multiple 6 by 9 speakers then this is the best amplifier for you. The compact design is perfect for the space you have in your boot. It can be fitted with no added stress. Just plug in play. Sound addicts will be over joyed to know that there is finally an amplifier that will not have them tearing there hair out, trying to find ways to modify the power output to manage the system they want to connect. The purchase price is reasonable. And you know with the class D amplifier you will be getting your monies worth.

This is definitely a good buy product. If you want good sound you won’t go wrong with this amplifier and Car Audiologic. This amplifier is powerful enough to be paired with any kind of speakers. It is compatible. The reviews have been positive and all customers are happy

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How to keep your Two-Stroke Engine Healthy

file0001565465475It’s been another nice warm summer and you have spent many weekends on the lake with your baby. Not only is your boat a toy, your pride and joy, your recreation and your home on the water, your boat is a significant investment. When you potentially put tens of thousands of dollars into your watercraft and possibly many thousands more on the perfect engine to go along with it, it becomes possibly the second or third largest investment in your life – behind your house and maybe the car.
With such an investment in the water, you want to make sure that you take great care of it so it will last for years to come. A large part of proper boat maintenance is winterizing. Your boat will be off the water for four to six months – depending in the part of the country you live in – to ensure that everything is in top shape with your engine next spring, here are a few suggestions to consider.
Just as your baby’s digestive system is very different from yours, your boat engine is very different from the engine in your car. That means you need to need to feed it differently. With winterization, you will definitely want to change the oil for storage and that means Yamalube 2M for your two-stroke motor.

Why Yamalube 2M? Well, for starters, if you are running a Yamaha engine you will want to have the product that is specifically engineered for to match your motor. Your boat engine works harder than the engine in your car, Yamalube 2M contains special anti-wear additives to ensure your engine can work harder and battle the additional friction experienced on the water.
Your outboard engine does not shift gears like your car so, rather than running at a comfortable range of 2,000 – 3,000 RPMs at cruising speeds your outboard will run closer to 5,000 or 6,000 RPMs. Of course, higher RPMs means more friction and more friction is tougher on your oil. Yamalube 2M contains shear-stable polymers that resist the breakdown of molecules to provides better lubrication, protecting your engine.
Your outboard uses the water you are boating in to cool the engine and this is typically a lot colder than the coolant you use in your vehicle. With the combination of dispersants, detergents, and viscosity boosters, Yamalube protects your engine from the lower temperature cooling.

If you are boating off the coast, another consideration is that saltwater tends to crystallize when heated to over 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause blockages in the cooling system leading to overheating and a host of problems that go along with that. Being on the water, the additional humidity in the air – particularly on salt water – can cause corrosion in your combustion chambers, leading to more issues. Yamalube’s anti-corrosion properties protect your engine against the scourge of saltwater corrosion.

Although no-name brand and discount brands of two-stroke motor oil are tempting when you are looking to stretch your budget, the consequences of such a decision can be devastating. You can find cheap marine oil that is still name brand. Repair bills of several thousand dollars or even the replacement of your two-stroke at many thousands dwarf the potential savings of a few dollars at the cash register. In addition to the potential damage outlined above, cheap oils tend to smoke more, run dirtier and necessitates more describing. It is well worth a few extra dollars to save thousands in the long run.

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The Importance of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Marion is meant to be used as an extra measure of safety for your home. When shopping around for homeowners insurance, it is important to know what you will be getting when you buy a homeowner insurance policy. There are a variety of different systems out there for you to choose.

You can find homeowners Marion insurance quotes online through popular websites if you would like to compare different companies. If you prefer, there are also local insurance agents that can help you. Whatever method you decide, be certain to get in contact with someone who understands your needs.

A homeowner’s insurance Marion policy is meant to protect you, the homeowner, against certain issues that can come about. Most insurance policies determined by perils that can happen to your home and exclusions that can made. Be sure to ask your agent or insurance company if any exceptions apply to your policy before signing up with them.

Most homeowner’s insurance Marion policies can divide into two principal parts. One part is expressly for liability protection, while the other is about property protection.

Property protection with homeowners insurance Marion typically entails coverage of your dwelling or home. It will cover your home, garage, storage sheds, or other contents and personal property. You can usually receive additional coverage by adding endorsements to your policy.

Endorsements are meant to be used to give you extra protection against specific perils. For example, you can receive approval for other credit card forgery.

Homeowners insurance Marion policies also cover things that happen on your property. They can provide additional coverage for things such as your home collapsing. This also includes things such as debris removal, illegal use of credit cards, or other perils.

Liability coverage includes both medical payments and personal responsibility. Medical payments are meant to help pay expenses for those that are accidentally injured on your property regardless of whose fault it was. Personal liability covers against a claim from bodily injury caused by accident on your property or your activities elsewhere.

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Types Of Factoring And Their Benefits

Invoice factoring can be defined as a trouble-free process to rescue your business from a financial crisis by selling your invoices to a factoring company. This is a good way to get cash in a very short period of time without waiting for your clients to pay.truck-1499377_640

There’s no point of wasting time over baseless worries instead of focusing on the growth of your business. However, you might get cheated if you are not aware of the essential issues and facts related to this matter. Mainly there are two types of factoring available, they are:

Recourse: This means you are selling your account receivables to a factoring company. If the company fail to collect the amount of money from your customers, you will be responsible for the amount they failed to collect. In other words, if the factoring company couldn’t collect the outstanding amount from a customer, they will ask you to pay the money.

Non recourse factoring: Just like the first one you need to sell your account receivables in non-recourse factoring as well. But, in here you are not liable for any payment that the factoring company is unable to collect from your customers on the given date of invoice.

These two types of factoring are most commonly used in today’s financing sector. You need to decide which one would be better for you. Here are some of the major benefits of factoring:

* Instant cash: Factoring helps you to get cash in less than 24-48 hours. So, you can easily manage financial requirements of your business, focus on expansion plans, and invest in other essential places without any worries.

* Easy to get: Unlike traditional bank loans, you don’t need to submit any documents to get cash by selling your factoring receivables. That means you get the access to immediate cash in a hassle-free way.

* It is not a loan; you don’t need to pay interests: by selling your factory receivables you don’t have to pay any interests. This is a great way to get rid of long-term obligations.

During a financial crisis, a small company struggles to maintain enough cash in its fund. With factoring your account receivables you can handle the critical situation easily and secure a future of your business. If you are looking for a company that deals with factoring, Texas has a large number of options for you. However, you need to be extra careful when selecting one.

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