Dallas Shooting- a message written in blood?

Dallas Shooting- a message written in blood?

After a gunman in Dallas had shot down five officers, he started mocking the police singing songs to them and saying that more violence is about to come. The shooter was identified as Micah Xavier Jonson, a former Marine who was, according to his parents, never the same once he returned from the army. What was intriguing to the police was that he left a cryptic message “R.B”. The police have no idea what these two letters stand for, but judging by shooter’s bomb threats, they suspect that bigger targets were planned.

Shooter’s Motives.

Micah Johnson served in marine corps until last year, when he was discharged due to accusations of creating a hazardous environment by a fellow Marine. She claimed that Johnson attributed to creating a work hazardous environment during his acting days. After he had returned to the U.S. he became introvert, and a secluded person. The police research shows that his web searches indicate he had an interest in Afro-American movements. The police report also suggests that he had intentions of bombing bigger targets, the supplies needed for bomb-making found in his house as well as web search history proves it. His actual motives are uncertain.


Family shocked.

Johnsons’ mother stated to the police that she had noticed a slight change in behavior upon his release from the army but never thought he was able to do these atrocities. Jonson was, according to his parents, a bit different in that way that he was unable to think clearly and locked himself inside. His friends and relatives tried to reach to him with little success as well. When the police told them he was interested in bringing down the justice system, specifically, how the police treat Afro-Americans today, Johnson parents were shocked beyond reason.

Final shootout.

Police Shootings Protests Dallas

After hours of exchanging fire with the police the gunman, former marine, was brought down with the help of robot for bomb defusing. This method the police used raised some questions regarding the lethal use of robots to apprehend and subdue criminals. However, the threat was reals, as Johnson sang, and mocked the police, saying he will kill more, and that there are bombs out there. The

encounter finished with 12 officers wounded and five killed, in an attempt to bring down the suspect. During the shootout, he kept asking the police officers how many of them are left and how many he killed. Everything suggests that Johnson was not in the right state of mind, and little could be done in calming and apprehending the suspect peacefully.

Although the reason for Micah’s discharge from the army was a contribution of creating a hazardous environment by not following the protocols, there are some theories that the remark was made on racial grounds. This may have triggered and series of events that lead to the final shootout with the police. If he had any thoughts that he was released from the Marine corps due to his color it definitely changed him in a way.

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