Using An APU As Opposed To Idling Semi-Trucks When Parked

In the recent past, idling the semi-truck’s engine was the only available way for drivers to control the cab’s/sleeper’s temperature when the truck was in parking. They also used this to ensure that power was available for running the truck’s air conditioning or heating and other auxiliary devices. Although it was a noisy, dirty and an extremely expensive process where thousands of gallons of diesel were used, it was the only available option. Surprisingly, even after a dozen alternatives are available now, such as auxiliary power units, some semi-truck drivers still opt to idle their truck’s engine when parked. With over a dozen different brands of APU units for sale, semi-truck drivers cannot run out of choice. If you are a semi-truck driver and you are not yet decided on whether to start using APUs, you should read on this article. It explains the benefits of APUs as opposed to idling the truck’s engine when the truck is packed.

APUs cause less air pollution.semi-truck-1801523_640

When a semi-truck is idled, its engine produces significant amounts of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases pose a major environmental threat as they contribute to global warming and ozone smog. Also, when a driver is sitting in an idling vehicle, their exposure to these environmental hazards is way higher than those of a driver who is in a moving vehicle. This is because when a truck is idled, there is no enough room and movement for air flow to vent off the emissions. Compared to the typical diesel engine of a truck, an APU produces 80% to 90% less air pollution when it is running.

APUs are economical.

Auxiliary power units are made in such a way that they come with their own inbuilt cooling and heating system. Additionally, most APUs which are built for commercial purposes have an air conditioning compressor. As such, when using them, a semi-truck driver does not have to install independent cooling and heating system. This benefit is not enjoyed when idling the semi-truck is the preferred option.

Auxiliary power units are economical and cost saving.

Every semi-truck driver wants to minimize the cost incurred in fuel consumption as much as they can. Idling is far from being economical. This is because for every hour that the truck is idle, a gallon of fuel is used. If the truck idles for may be ten hours a day, it will have used up approximately three thousand gallons of fuel in a period of one year. When an APU is used, the truck burns only 0.10 gallons of diesel per hour. Using the same figures given in the above example, only 2,384 gallons are used up in a year. This shows how efficient and effective auxiliary power units are as opposed to idling the truck when it comes to economizing fuel consumption. APUs also eliminate the overall tear and wear of the engine. To calculate your savings visit HP2000.

APUs are portable.

Auxiliary power units are truck-mounted and as such, they can virtually be used anywhere. Also, users get to enjoy original HVAC systems and controls which are factory-installed. They do not have to add extra cooling and heating equipment.

In summary, idling creates pollution, reduces the economic life of the engine and wastes money. As such, idling your semi-truck when parked as opposed to using APUs is a way of wasting your hard-earned money.


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