Overcome Roof Leaks

When the rainy season arrives, you may face some risk of roof damage. Leakage can make the floor gets wet, and other furniture can be affected.

In the following, we will share easy tips on how to fix a leaky roof:

1. Use waterproofing

Changes in weather every year can cause the roof to leak quickly. For that, you must often check the roof. Do not forget to apply waterproofing. The leaky roof section can be coated with waterproofing. Waterproofing is a paint that contains waterproof liquid so that the water does not seep into the roof.

2. Pay Attention to the Roof Slope

The roof of the house is usually designed tilted so that the rain can fall. If the roof of your house is slightly sloping and flat, it can cause roof leakage due to the slow flow of rainwater. So pay attention to the slope of the roof. A good roof usually has angle ranges from 30-40 degrees.

3. Repair the tile that shifts

shifted roof can be caused by very strong winds during rains. If this is the case, you must place the tile in the right position. If you feel difficulties when repairing tile, you can use the services of Southern Cross Roofing Sydney. They are a repair service that serves roof replacements, roof extensions, and roof repairs.

4. Clean the Gutter

Gutters containing leaves will hamper the course of rainwater. Before the rainy season arrives, you should clean up the trash on the roof to prevent leakage.

5. Replace the tiles that are damaged

Well, if you often go up to the roof of the house, sometimes accidentally step on the roof, and it is causing cracks. But you leave it alone without replacing it; rain water will drip onto the crack and flow into the house. Replace it as soon as you realize it.