Which Watch Is Best for You?

A watch isn’t just a watch, there are factors that you should think about to ensure that you get the most out of it – don’t worry, the research has already been done and we’re about to tell you how you can find the perfect watch.

Why am I buying a watch?
First of all, you need to decide what you want your watch for? Whether you want to wear it day to day for work, or you want something that’s going to tell you the time while you’re up a mountain – there are different watches to suit different occasions.

What are the different watch styles?
Dress watch – This type of watch is usually worn for special occasions as it has an elegant and classic design. If you’re looking for a watch to wear to an evening or special event that makes a statement on your wrist then a dress watch could be the one for you.

Sports watch – Well, this is kind of obvious isn’t it? A sports watch is what you’re after if you play sports frequently and need to keep up to date with the time. It’s usually more resistant to physical impact and water, so if you’re doing anything adventurous then this is the watch for you.

Pocket watches – This style of watch looks great with a suit, it clips on nicely and as it’s not on your wrist it won’t receive as much wear and tear. If you work in the  health sector or you regularly have your hands in water or food then this style of watch is perfect.

Luxury watches – If you can afford it then it’s worth investing in a luxury watch, it’s more expensive because it’s made from finer materials that last longer and of course, they look great.

Fashion watches – If you just fancy a new watch that you can wear day to day then a fashion watch will do the job. There are hundreds of styles, colours and brands available and they aren’t too expensive. If you prefer your watch to be more of an accessory then you’ll want a fashion watch. Michael Kors or Daniel Wellington watches are great examples of these.

Do I want an analogue or digital watch?
This is completely up to you, however you prefer your watch to look and tell the time. In case you aren’t aware, an analogue watch is time that’s told by the hands of the clock, a digital watch is time told in numbers. You can also get analogue/digital watches in one.

Other factors you may want to consider
If you need a watch with water resistance then ensure that it has a depth indicator on it, otherwise it will just be resistant to rain and splashes. You’ll also want to take into account the material and the colour, do you want stainless steel or gold plated? A Leather or rubber strap? There are plenty of options to choose from, but with our guide you’ll hopefully find the perfect watch for you.