Why Luxury Swiss Watches are So Expensive?

17 million Swiss francs is the price of the most expensive watch in the world, sold at Sotheby’s in 1999. A price which is explained by the complications and all the years of work which it contains. But is the coast really worth it? Yes, if you buy an authentic handmade timepiece made in Switzerland. Although, you can always find performing Swiss watches at lower prices.

The Manufacturing Cost of Real Swiss Watches

A watch cannot be called a Swiss watch if it does not meet all the manufacturing criteria, even if it is made in Switzerland. Making just one luxury timepiece requires the work of many qualified craftsmen and a lot of time. Unlike industrial watches which can be manufactured by tens in an hour, a prestigious Swiss watch can take months or even years to manufacture. The machining demands a specific know-how and a high level of accuracy. The used material must be of a superior quality. The number of parts is important, as well as their assembly.

Even the adjustment task is complex before the watch starts to work properly. But once it does, it will never stop to. The manufacturing of some Swiss watches are more expensive than the others. This is particularly the case for jewelry watches which include gems like diamond, limited series, and high tech models. If you want a timeless product that you will be able to bequeath to your descendants, choose among affordable classic watches like Louis Chevrolet’s.

How to Purchase Cheaper Swiss Watches?

As we just mentioned above, you can go on Louis Chevrolet website. You will have the choice between simple and more sophisticated models. In general, the cheapest luxury watches are sold on the web. Why? Because online sellers have less expense. They do not need to rent a prestigious store in a prestigious neighborhood. They do not have to hire too many employees either. Thus, they can afford to propose their high end products at reasonable prices. Plus, they have to stand the competition. However, it is still possible to find an affordable Swiss watch in a physical shop. To find one near your place, a research on the Internet can help.

In sum, manufacturing a prestigious Swiss watch takes years of development, thousands of hours of work in research and processing, hundreds of parts, mechanical peculiarities, etc. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, complicated watches drive up prices. But you can still find a cheaper model if you choose the right brand or store.